Lunes, Abril 15, 2013

Free Download and Install of Windows 7 Ultimate (Genuine)

Welcome ! 

First you need to know which bit you are using in your computer !

*NOTE* ~~ IF you are downloading 64 BIT . Before Downloading 64 bit windows 7 ultimate. Check whether your computer is compatible or not. If not then don't download 64 bit. It Is Waste Of time Guys. Download 32 bit if your computer does not support 64 bit.

To find out which bit you are using ---> (

Download utorrent here ---> (

"Windows 7 Requirements"

1 GHz CPU with 32 bits or 64 bits.
1 GB Ram for 32 bits or 2 GB Ram for 64 bits.
16 GB empty space hard disk for 32 bits or 20 GB for 64 bits.
DVD drive (if installing from a DVD).

Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit:-

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit :

Just Copy and Paste them in a new tab.

How To Install :)

Easy Way (recommended if you have windows xp or windows vista)

You can install windows 7 by running the setup in computer itself.
You can put the installation files on a USB or Local Disk and start the setup.exe and install windows 7. (I recommend use USB) at least 8GB or 4GB.

Advanced Way (recommended if you have no windows presently, for newly brought computer where no windows is installed)

You need Power ISO to Burn the files into a DVD. (search it on google or youtube)

1. Using Power ISO, burn .ISO image to a disk. (Open the windows7ultimate.iso [downloaded file] with power ISO,
next in the power ISO you'll see a burn button, insert an empty disk and click on Burn)

2. Once the burning is done, let the disk be at the disk tray itself and restart computer. 

3.In start-up press Del or F2 or F8 ( depend on your computer main board ) to enter BIOS. 
In BIOS make sure that in boot manager, the settings is set to boot from the disk.

4. You will be asked to "Press any key to boot from disk...” press a key and the Microsoft Windows Setup will begin.

5. Choose your install language configuration, Time and currency format, Keyboard or input method. Then click "Next".

6. Click "Install Now".

7. Next, choose whether you want to install the x86 (32-bit) or the x64 (64-bit) version of Windows 7 Ultimate, and click "Next".

8. Click 'I accept the license terms' in 'Please read the license' then click Next.

9. Choose whether you want to "Upgrade" or "Custom" install.

10. Choose Partition for installation, if your computer has only one hard disk, it will be easy for selection, but if it has some Partition, you will have to consider which Partition to choose.

11. Wait for Installing Windows to progress. Your computer might be restarted during the process.

12.Type you’re  user account and computer name. After click Next.

13.Type a password for your account, you can also Type a password hint to help in case of forgetting the password in the future, and then click Next.

14.It will ask for activation code for your license in Product key box, skip it by entering wrong key and select skip.

15.Set up your Time zone then click Next.

16.Choose an option from 3 choices: Public Network, Work Network, Home Network. Choose Home Network for using Internet at home.

Now You have trial version of windows 7.

You will need to activate windows 7.

To activate windows 7 

32bit - you need to run the removewat which is included in the 32bit pack of windows 7.

64bit - you need to run the 7loader.exe

Your computer will restart after the activation, and then you will have genuine windows 7 ultimate.

Thank You ! ^_^